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Montén, born from the creative vision of Elis Montén in February 2022, traces its origins back to a childhood dream that began to take shape at the age of 10. 

We are crafting a brand that beckons to the discerning few, an exclusive haven radiating communion, boundless optimism, and enduring designs.

Montén's essence is found in its meticulously curated limited collections, unveiled within these digital confines or in the temporary allure of Pop-up stores, transforming each piece into an emblem of exclusivity.


Yet, amidst the rarified air of exclusivity, we remain steadfast in providing you access to our timeless core collections, perpetually available on our website.


Our uncompromising commitment extends to hosting a monthly global rendezvous, a celebration of positivity and unforgettable memories. These gatherings include chic nightclubs, immersive showrooms, captivating runways, or enchanting pop-up experiences across the world's most vibrant locales.


Quality always triumphs over quantity in the Montén ethos, a choice that serves you, the conscientious custodian of our planet, and, ultimately, the enduring legacy of Montén as a brand.


With utmost sincerity,